Why You Should Get Invisalign Over Braces

The sad truth is that not everyone is gifted with straight teeth. Not everyone can smile without suddenly feeling very conscious. Lucky are those individuals who can smile like people in toothpaste and toothbrush commercials. If you are among the unfortunate few who happen to have crooked teeth or an overbite, you might want to straighten your teeth.

However, with modern technology, you need not rely on traditional or old braces. Invisalign is the newest thing in teeth straightening and it is definitely something which you must try. How does invisalign differ from other methods of teeth straightening? It is important to know the advantages before making a decision.

Invisalign advantages

Better appearance

Braces are made to help straighten teeth; however, they do not look very appealing. Just ask teenagers with braces who have been called “metal mouth”. The feeling is not a good one. When your mouth is filled with unsightly chunks of metal, you would want to take them off. Today there is a better choice and that is invisalign. It makes you look like you are not wearing braces at all.


Unlike your traditional metal braces, invisalign can be removed whenever necessary. If for any reason you wish to remove your braces, such as to drink or to eat something, you will be able to easily to do so.


Metal braces can straighten teeth but they can also inflict damage to your teeth and gums. Conventional braces have wires and protruding bits of metal inside your mouth. On the other hand, invisalign is comfortable and smooth. They do not have any sharp edges and overall they reduce the damage which is normally caused wearing braces, such as cavities and gum diseases.

No surprises

There are no surprises when it comes to the use of invisalign. Dental treatment planning is fully computerized so you know exactly what you can expect and how long you need to wear the braces. On the other hand, metal braces always go through trial-and-error situations, something which you do not want to put yourself through.

Treatment duration

It has been proven that invisalign straightens your teeth much faster than conventional braces. Conventional braces might take as long as 5 years to give you the effect you want and deserve but with invisalign you do not have to wait such a long time. With invisalign you will most likely only have to wear braces for 1 or 2 years.

Overall, invisalign has a lot of good things to provide to people who wish to have their teeth straightened. True, they may cost more money but they are well worth the price. They are more comfortable, less risky, better to look at, and will give you beautiful smiles for the rest of your life. Anyone considering invisalign should consult their orthodontist. Knowing that there is such a good option out there should encourage you to finally have the best set of teeth you can possibly have. Here’s to a future of a brighter and better smile.