Types of Braces

If you have the misfortune of having crooked teeth, you will be glad to know that you still have the chance of straightening them with braces. Braces have been around for years and have been recommended by orthodontists and dentists for many people. They may not look very appealing but they do the job. With the help of braces, you can have the straight teeth which you have always dreamt of.

Dental technology has brought everybody to an exciting time. Today there are various types of braces to choose from. There are tooth-colored braces, as well as clear braces. Before you make a decision it is important that you have knowledge about the different types of braces.

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most commonly used and are the cheapest option. Metal braces come with brackets which are glued to each tooth. When you have metal braces it is very important to watch exactly what you eat. There are some lifestyle changes you need to make once you have metal braces and that is to stay away from tough meats and hard vegetables. It is also equally important to avoid food which will stick to metal such as gum and caramel.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are not as obvious as the traditional metal type. They are a little more expensive and one of their downsides is that they are not as strong as metal braces. However, they do look a lot better. Ceramic braces are made of ceramic alloys and their main advantage is their aesthetic appeal. The ceramic brackets do not stain, however the clear elastic wires do. Do not worry though for they are changed regularly. The disadvantage of ceramic braces is that they are not as durable as metal braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are more expensive because they are placed behind the teeth making them inconspicuous. You can smile as much as you want and people won’t even have a clue that you are wearing braces. Most people usually wear the braces for 18 to 36 months. The metal braces are customized to bond at the back of the teeth so they remain invisible when you smile. Not all orthodontists know how to install this type of brace. It has to be done by a specialist.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign is the next big thing in orthodontics. Aesthetically it is a very good option because it is clear so it cannot be seen when you smile. It can also be removed whenever you want to but for it to be effective, it is important that you wear it at least 22 hours a day. It has to be worn for usually 3 years. The first set of aligners has to be worn for 3 weeks and then you will move on to the next and to the next. The total number of aligners which you have to wear will depend on the condition of your teeth. invisalign is primarily for adults, however, not all adults with crooked teeth are candidates for invisalign.